X-ray Diffraction Laboratory

Bruker-AXS  Sealed-tube NANO-STAR 650mm Small Angle X-ray Scattering Instrument   

Location :  room 2409     No.  202028

Sign-up :  Calendar 30 days in advance.  Full Days.  No Blocked Dates.


    length  640mm  (~60nm particle size)

    Range 0 - 10 deg two-theta

    XY programmable stage goniometer

    Mulit-wire Proportional Counter (MWPC)

    Cross-coupled Goebel mirrors

    200 micron X-ray beam

    Copper X-ray Radiation

    1 mbar Vacuum Chamber

    SAXS and Nanofit Software

    WINDOWS 2000 computer control

    Solid Samples

    Average turn-around time  1-2 days

    Users : Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students

    Training : Standard Safety and Instrument Use